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What we do

Our business has three distinctly different but interrelated elements. In summary these are:

1. Dismantling and selling spare parts.

2. Engine Remanufacture and Workshop.

3. Recycling and Environmental matters.

Engine remanufacture and recycling are both dependant on the dismantling operation in that the core stock for both activities comes from the purchase of end of life vehicles to dismantle. Engines are sold on an 'exchange only' basis and useable components from  exchange units are used in the remanufacturing process.

Once all of the saleable items have been removed from an end of life vehicle valuable metals are removed and stored ready to be recycled, along with broken or unwanted components from the engine remanufacturing operation.

Engine remanufacture and recycling both provide important income streams. Faced with increased competition from Eastern Europe and the cost of meeting environmetal legislation many of our counterparts have ceased trading. In this country dismantling is no longer a profitable business.

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